Health services including Specialty Orthopaedics are allowed to remain OPEN.

We have the best interests of our patients, staff and community as our priority. There are measures that our Practice is undertaking and will continue to practice in line with the Department of Health Advice and Guidelines.


  1. If you have FEVER, COUGH or ANY FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS, we request you to please reschedule your appointment.

  2. We offer telehealth as an option. This means your doctor can call you or video conference.

  3. We have reduced the number of doctors and appointments to minimize crowding in the waiting room and in line with the current recommendations.


Number of people in the waiting room must be kept to a minimum.
We have arranged our consulting and waiting rooms to practice social distancing.

  • We have spread our chairs out in the waiting room.

  • It would advisable to stay outdoors or in your car and come in for your appointment just

    before it begins.

  • We strongly suggest the patient arrives ALONE for their appointment or if really

    needed only having one other person.

  • If your doctor is running late, we will advise you to wait outdoors or in your car, and call

    you once your doctor is ready.

  • Hand santisers are available in our clinics for patient’s and staff and must be used on

    arrival and exit.

  • There will be disinfectant solution and cleaners to clean surfaces on a regular basis.

  • We have removed any items that may be frequently handled by multiple people eg.



  1. We have reduced the number of staff working at any one time.

  2. Any staff member who is symptomatic is to be quarantined, advised not to turn up to work

    and to get tested.

  3. Maintain a clean and clutter free environment at all times.

  4. Our staff may work remotely when feasible. They are still contactable.


  1. Practice social distancing. Keep 1.5 metres apart from people. Avoid prolonged contact with people unless necessary.

  2. Maintain good hand hygiene by cleaning your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand rub:

    • Before entering an areas used by other people.

    • After using the bathroom.

    • After coughing or sneezing.

    • Before and after eating food.

  3. Practice good cough/sneeze etiquette by keeping away from other people, using disposable tissues or clothing (eg into your elbow), disposing of the tissues and masks and cleaning your hands afterwards.

  4. Patients must use hand santiser on arrival and departure from the rooms.


For further information about Coronavirus please refer to:

Specialty Orthopaedics, wish you and your family the best in these uncertain times. We are in this together and are here for you.

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